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Writing as a spiritual practice

In Faith in Action on February 25, 2009 at 10:28 am

Mary Jaksch has an interesting article on Write to Done about writing as a spiritual practice. As someone who is both a writer and a person trying to find greater spiritual depth in life, I found it an interesting read.

My favourite part of the article is when she describes what she means when she says something is spiritual:

When I say spiritual, I’m not talking about anything high-flying. I’m not talking about angels, higher vibrations, higher intuition, higher anything. I’m talking about something lowly: how to be grounded in the moment.

I like this definition of spirituality as something lowly and Earthly. To me, that’s the most important kind of spirituality. I can’t possibly know if all of the high-flying gods and angels stuff exists, but I am fairly certain about the reality of our physical realm (i.e.: the world that I can perceive with my 5 senses).

Thinking of spirituality in Earthly terms means that it becomes something tangible and accessible to everyone. I can’t think of a better way of thinking about spirituality.

As nice it is to think about the concept of a perfect afterlife, I’m much more interesting in exploring spirituality and faith in a way that impacts the life I have now. How can faith improve my life, and how can I help to improve the lives of others?

To me, that’s what faith and spirituality are all about.

To read the rest of Jaksch’s article, visit Naked Mind: Writing as Spiritual Practice.