Adam Snider


Exploring the Spirit is a blog focusing on the exploration of spiritual themes and events. It is not a blog about Christianity, despite what you may have assumed from the name. It is about spirituality in general, particularly the spirituality of the author, Adam Snider.

Exploring the Spirit is not a blog about religion, per se, though there will be discussion of religion. It is about one man’s journey to explore and discover his spiritual side.

Much of this journey may take place within the bounds of Unitarian Univeralism. Because of this, there may be frequent discussion about UU and UU principles. But this is not a blog about Unitarianism, nor about any other religion.

Adam Snider does not purport to be an expert on the subjects of faith, religion, or spirituality. This is his personal story. If you find it useful in your own journey, that’s wonderful. But, please, do not take anything you read here as absolute truth.

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